Supporting Blue Ridge Hospice makes a difference in the lives of your neighbors and community. Your gift will allow a patient to live their final months, weeks, or days free of pain, surrounded by the people they love, in the comfort of their home when possible.

• As a not-for-profit hospice, Blue Ridge Hospice focuses on patients and families, not the “bottom line.” Your donation will support patient needs.

• Quality of care is never compromised and no one is turned away who seeks hospice care. Last year $232,000 in charity care was provided to this community. Your gift will help care for those in need.

• Blue Ridge Hospice goes beyond what is expected by providing Music Therapy, Spiritual Support, and Bereavement counseling for anyone needing help with grief. Without generous donations like yours, none of these programs would be available.

• Families tell us time and again they “couldn’t have done it without the expert, compassionate care provided by Blue Ridge Hospice”.

We thank you for your donation, but more importantly our patients and families thank you the most!