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Curiosity Versus Criticism

The question, “Why did I do that?” can be asked in so many different ways – with embarrassment, anger, guilt. I often talk with grieving people about approaching their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors with curiosity rather than criticism. Imagine approaching your emotional responses without judgment, but with a genuine sense of wonder and a desire to understand yourself better. “I wonder why I’m angry so often.” “I wonder why I feel so anxious at night.” [...]

A Case for Masks from Dr. Flynn

I know it has seemed like years since we have all seen each other in person and these times continue to challenge what our sense of “normal” is each and every day. Just know that all the efforts you have made (and are making) ARE making a real difference in our area. Because of your social distancing, teleworking and mask wearing, our hospitals have been able to care for our fellow residents with COVID-19 effectively [...]

Making Memories at the End of Life

For some, watching a loved one’s health decline feels like a waiting game. But spending the end of life with a special person can be both very painful and immensely meaningful. What can I do with my loved one to share and make memories at the end of life? Engage in life review – interview your loved one, perhaps even recording the interviews on video. It may be especially meaningful to have a child ask [...]

Holding a Home Memorial Service

COVID-19 has deeply impacted grieving families. Many are electing to put a funeral or memorial service on hold for an indeterminate amount of time. In the meantime, individuals may be seeking a sense of closure through a ritual that honors their loved one’s life. It may be valuable for you as a household to set aside a time to proclaim your loved one's impact on your lives and express your grief. Below are some considerations [...]

Five Wishes Overview with Christina Thomas, Grief Counselor

Five wishes is a legal document in the state of Virginia that allows you to do the following: Name the person that you want to make medical decisions for you when you are unable to make them for yourself. This person will legally be your medical decision maker. Specify the type of medical care you want. This will help your legal decision maker know what you want in the event you can't speak for yourself. [...]

Grief and Loss During COVID-19

Coping during a pandemic can feel isolating, scary, and confusing. Christina, one of our Grief Counselors, shows us we are not alone and offers comforting thoughts on how to deal with these feelings. Blue Ridge Hospice Grief and Loss Support staff continue to provide grief counseling via phone or video conferencing. Please call our message line to schedule an appointment at (540)-313-9214 if you need to talk with someone.

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