Is hospice only for people with cancer? No. Blue Ridge Hospice cares for all patients with a terminal illness including heart disease, COPD, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, liver disease, etc.

If I choose hospice will I die sooner? No. Patients will live as long as their illness will allow. Hospice care will ensure you’re comfortable, your pain is controlled, and your quality of life is as good as it can be. Studies show that some hospice patients sometimes live longer than expected.

Does choosing hospice mean giving up? No. Choosing hospice may mean you’re no longer seeking curative measures but the hospice approach will help you make choices, achieve your goals of care, and work towards more comfort and quality for the remainder of your life.

Is hospice care covered by insurance? Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances cover hospice services. Read more info about Medicare Hospice benefits here. For patients without insurance or other programs to help with costs (and qualify based on their resources), Blue Ridge Hospice offers the Patient Care Fund, a charity care program so everyone can benefit from hospice care.

Will I still see my primary doctor if I choose hospice care? Our board-certified hospice physicians and interdisciplinary team members will work with your primary physician to reach your and your family’s goals for your care. The Blue Ridge Hospice physicians make house calls so you will not need to attend appointments.

Can I receive hospice care at a nursing home? The Blue Ridge Hospice interdisciplinary team will care for you where you live whether it’s at your home, a family’s residence, a nursing home, or assisted living facility.

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