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To anyone grieving the loss of their father this Father’s Day:

If this is your first Father’s Day without your dad, our hearts go out to you. Perhaps you want to pretend this day is just another day or perhaps you want to lean into your emotions. Both are allowed. If your father has been gone for years, this day may still come with a sting. It may also come with a smile. One thing that is certain is that this day comes with an opportunity – the chance to talk about your father if you haven’t in some time…the chance to say out loud that you miss him…the chance to share a memory or a life lesson. Father’s Day is an opportunity to acknowledge your father’s significance.

We acknowledge also that not all relationships are surrounded with love and fond memories. Some may be grieving a father who was absent, abusive, distant, or difficult. While your grief may not necessarily look like reminiscing or sadness, it is still grief. We encourage you to make a space for it.

Grief is hard work and certain days or milestones can be especially challenging. We are here to help process your loss with you.


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