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Leonard R. Yang, M.D.

Posted January 30, 2020

(Written for Blue Ridge Hospice staff by Dr. Yang)

I had first-hand exposure to Blue Ridge Hospice when my father-in-law was reaching the end of his life. Dr. Milligan, his Physician, Erin, his primary nurse and the others on his care team including a social worker, music therapist, and medical assistants were unaware of my being a physician or that I was on the Board of Directors. This confirmed to me that the excellent care he received was their normal standard. My family and I remain thoroughly impressed and grateful for every person who cared for him.

What is hospice? Hospice care is the optimization of life in the final stage.

What are our goals of hospice? Compassion, Caring, Companionship, Affirmation, Comfort, Dignity

I am proud to work with you all, you who have demonstrated time and time again the confirmation of these goals.

This work requires a whole host of people to provide this service: not only direct caregivers including nurse assistants, nurses, advanced practice staff, physicians, social workers, music therapy and chaplains, but just as important are administrative staff, financial support staff, human resources, thrift store, warehouse and driver staff, IT support, maintenance staff, and volunteers. All of you work together to provide the exceptional care that we provide to our community.

You have experienced many challenges in the past few years including changes in leadership and new requirements from regulatory authorities. Despite these changes you continue to provide care that rates higher than any other hospice in the state and significantly above national averages.

I appreciate those of you who have endured these challenges and for your dedication to your patients, Blue Ridge Hospice, and our community. I am very encouraged by the talents of the staff and also by the energy and the expertise in the Board of Directors. This bodes well for our future. Despite our past success there remain challenges. I believe, however, that these challenges will spur us to be even better.

We are all in this mission together to continually provide the finest hospice care, bar none.

Leonard R. Yang, M.D., F.A.C.E.P.
Emergency medicine
Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine
Observation Medicine