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For some, watching a loved one’s health decline feels like a waiting game. But spending the end of life with a special person can be both very painful and immensely meaningful.

What can I do with my loved one to share and make memories at the end of life?

  • Engage in life review – interview your loved one, perhaps even recording the interviews on video. It may be especially meaningful to have a child ask the interview questions.
  • Make a compilation of the person’s favorites – perhaps create a playlist of songs together or collect recipes.
  • Review photo albums and retrieve photos and videos from the person’s devices.
  • Ask your special person if he or she wants to create any messages for others – perhaps he or she may want to dictate letters or have you record video messages.
  • Have important conversations – find out how your loved one wishes to be honored; share sentiments that need to be said.

Anticipating the loss of a loved one is hard. Blue Ridge Hospice Grief and Loss Support Services can provide pre-bereavement counseling to those experiencing anticipatory grief. We can help you process your feelings, figure out how to engage in hard conversations, and provide you with support. Call our referral line at 540-313-9214 or email to find out more.