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In honor of #LeapofKindnessDay2020 this Saturday, we want to share our #LeapofKindness story with you from one of our nurses in the Inpatient Care Center….

“I wanted to share an amazing story that involves a Pet Therapy Dog. I am a Registered Nurse in a Hospice Inpatient Care Center.

A few days ago, our 16 month old Pet Therapy dog “Clio” came to visit our patients. Clio was there to visit 2 other patients, but for some reason, she immediately went to the room of one patient that was actively dying and in a bit of respiratory distress. This patient was breathing loudly and rapidly. Clio, being a new therapy dog, sensed that something wasn’t right. Clio stopped outside of this patients door and barked loudly. I looked and she appeared to be concerned. Her owner comforted her and assured her that everything was okay. The patients daughter joined me in the hallway at that time. Clio’s owner took her into the room and gently lifted her so that she could see the patient. She looked back at her owner, then stepped down. As she was leaving the room, she looked back at the patient. Clio then walked out, approached the patients daughter, stood up on her two back legs, and placed her two front legs on the daughter’s shoulders. She then turned her head slightly and rested her head on the daughters chest.

I stood there completely crying, for Clio sensed that the daughter was about to lose her mother and needed consoling. This dog offered love to a complete stranger!! I will never forget this encounter for as long as I live.. AMAZING!! ❤️❤️❤️