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Yesterday, Mr. Underwood wasn’t hardly awake but this morning when the Blue Ridge Hospice CNA came to clean him up with a fresh shave and dress him in his military uniform he was bright-eyed.

His only wish in these final weeks was to renew his wedding vows with his wife of 60 years.

Billy and Pat’s three daughters were all present as well as other relatives that came from as far as South Carolina for this special occasion. Ken Patrick, the BRH Chaplain, wrote the ceremony and asked the couple to repeat the vows. Pat recited hers but Billy was too weak.

The Chaplain read his vows for him. He was able to say the words “I LOVE YOU” to his wife of 60 years. The couple cut their cake from his seated position under the patriotic quilt supplied by BRH, toasted with champagne, and kissed to seal their love for one another.

A beautiful love story and one man’s wishes granted with the help of Blue Ridge Hospice.