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As your focus shifts from a cure to comfort and quality of life, our goal is to help ease your burden and enable you to live every day that remains as fully as possible.  We proudly offer the following services and programs to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients and their families.

In-Home or Nursing Facility Services

We provide care wherever you call home. This includes your private residence, retirement community, assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, or hospital. All medical equipment and medications are provided related to your diagnosis and to treat pain and other symptoms. Your care team is always available to you – 24/7.

Inpatient Care Center

The Blue Ridge Hospice Inpatient Care Center (ICC), located at 333 W. Cork Street in downtown Winchester, is a comfortable, home-like environment where patients can receive 24 hour nursing care as well as continuation of the complementary services such as music therapy and spiritual care that are often provided in the home setting.

The ICC is meant to be a refuge for patients experiencing acute or complex symptoms that cannot be managed at home. The overall goal is always for the patient to return home with family, if an option, once symptoms are controlled.

The ICC includes private rooms, each uniquely designed, as well as a family library room. Friends and family of all ages are welcome to visit at anytime, night or day.

Respite Care

Respite care is short-term inpatient care that provides relief for caregivers at home who need a break from regular care-giving. Patients can receive 24 hour facility-level care for up to 5 consecutive days, fully covered under the Medicare Hospice Benefit. This gives caregivers a chance to take some time for themselves to rest and recharge, and provides a welcome variety in routine for the patient.

Music Therapy

With 4 board-certified music therapists on staff, we provide our patients and families with the best that music therapy has to offer.

Why music therapy?

Music promotes a state of relaxation and improves sleep; it can alleviate pain, reduce anxiety, and elevate moods. Music often fosters feelings of closeness, intimacy, and social interactions with family and others; it stimulates memories, encourages conversations and connections with others. Ultimately it provides comfort for patients to experience spiritual peace, joy and hope.

Blue Ridge Hospice is a National Roster Internship Site approved by the American Association of Music Therapy. The internship has been in existence since 2006. If interested in additional information or an application, please contact the internship director, Kristen Ashwood at

Grief Support

When a loved one dies and condolence visits from family and friends have dwindled, often the bereaved are left trying to piece their lives back together. Blue Ridge Hospice continues to be there for those left behind. Blue Ridge Hospice Bereavement Counselors, some of our behind-the-scenes caregivers, are available to help those suffering a loss to process their grief in a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment – meeting these individuals wherever they may be on their grief journey.

While providing grief counseling for hospice families is a priority, Blue Ridge Hospice provides grief support to the community as well. Unexpected tragedies such as fires, motor vehicle accidents, drug overdoses, suicides, and homicides take lives in our community every day, and the Blue Ridge Hospice Bereavement team is there to support all those who are grieving.

Blue Ridge Hospice offers a variety of grief support services including individual grief counseling, educational workshops, telephone outreach, resource materials, and an array of support groups.

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Spiritual Support

Spiritual care is a basic principle of hospice care. A healthy spiritual outlook is known to lower levels of pain and increase comfort and quality of life, especially at the end of life. Our chaplains are available to assist in providing life reflections, prayers, sacraments or religious rites, and a comforting presence, regardless of what faith you practice.

Veteran Services

We have partnered with We Honor Veterans to provide veteran focused end of life care. We work hard to pair veteran volunteers with our veteran patients to facilitate meaningful relationships and allow veterans to feel seen and heard.

We provide a Recognition of Service Ceremony which is performed by a veteran volunteer and recognizes the military service of the patient.  The ceremonies are adapted to meet the desires of the patient and family.  Some may be very small and intimate, while others may be more festive and include family and friends.  Patients are presented with a branch specific certificate of appreciation, and pinned with an American flag pin.

Pet Therapy

Our Pet Therapy Volunteers provide our patients with companionship, helps reduce anxiety and stress, and brings joy and increased feelings of relaxation during scheduled visits.

Pet Therapy

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