Our Mission:   “To provide emotional support to those in our community who are struggling with the pain of grief and loss.”


When a loved one dies and condolence visits from family and friends have dwindled, often the bereaved are left trying to piece their lives back together. Blue Ridge Hospice continues to be there for those left behind. Blue Ridge Hospice Bereavement Counselors, some of our behind-the-scenes caregivers, are available to help those suffering a loss to process their grief in a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment – meeting these individuals wherever they may be on their grief journey.

While providing grief counseling for hospice families is a priority, Blue Ridge Hospice provides grief support to the community as well. Unexpected tragedies such as fires, motor vehicle accidents, drug overdoses, suicides, and homicides take lives in our community every day, and Blue Ridge Hospice Bereavement Services is there to support all those who are grieving.

Blue Ridge Hospice offers a variety of grief support services including individual grief counseling, educational workshops, telephone outreach, resource materials, and an array of support groups.